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    re: Golds turn to tank.- turbidic Nobody really knows what the market is about to do, especially a market like we have experienced these past few weeks.

    This week in the US the feds and their allies aka men in black, had a win in propping the Dow up, the US$ up and driving gold down. Will this week's price movements mark a turn-around or be just a flash in the pan ?
    Who knows for sure ? Anyone want to claim they do ?

    Following Sep.11th. I expected more terrorist attacks, but it looks like every competent terrorist took themselves out in that single big hit. How many intelligent suicidal maniacs are there anyway, my guess - not many, so don't expect the stock market to collapse or gold to rise due to terrorism.

    My opinion, not a prediction, is that US markets in particular are still fundamentally overvalued and have another 10-20% to fall. But as stock prices often only reflect fundamental value over a long period of time, this is not a good measure of where a market is headed in the short to medium term.

    Sentiment and sometimes massive manipulation rule equities and the POG on a daily basis.

    Dave R.

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