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    Looks like it's going to set some new highs this week.

    My opinion is that we're in the makings of a new bull market, and the sector/s which is to be the main driving force is now being 'selected', for want of a better word. Whether or not gold shall be that driving force is yet to be seen, but either way, it will give it a shot soon... all only my personal opinion of course.

    Biotechs have recently been the focus of people's expectations, but I don't think it will hold up to the task. What I am really interested in looking into is the internet security stocks. With current world activities this industry has a lot of work ahead of it which will only continue to increase. That's where I think the big bucks will be made in this rising bull market, (possibly coupled with gold to give a balanced market?)

    If you know of any asx listed stocks in the hacking business, I would appreciate you posting them here so I can find my preferred entry into this area.

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