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    I've loved reading your posts on and off for a long time, but I respectfully disagree.

    China tie yuan to gold

    US will eventually tie the dollar to silver. (engineered by GOLDMAN - oh the irony)

    I predict this will bring the gold/silver ratio to historic lows (already down from 84 a month ago to 70ish now)

    Long term chart of gold/silver is epic, just triple topped worse than the FTSE.

    Once this rate is below 50 the sell down to 14 will be epic, on this run i expect 8's to be hit.

    money into gold makes no sense at this stage in the world.

    But hey, this may be due to differences in generational thinking. gold has F all uses and is stored. Silver with 10,000+ uses and stocks are shrinking by the day.

    PM's will be a better bet than markets in the next 10 yrs, but I still think you're making the wrong call Martis. I give you this warning as you've saved me loss in the past, just trying to return the favour, have to be worth at least a hedge

    Oh and a final note, my 'end game' scenario - when the gold/silver ratio hits 2, WW3 begins.

    You read it here first, unless you're able to read between the lines of Leviathan...
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