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    There's a brilliant video by Mike Murphy which shows the almost exact correlation of QE to the Dow since 2008.
    It means that almost all of it has gone into the Stockmarket, via the big US banks. Go figure!
    Of course, most private mum and dad investors equate a high market with a healthy economy, but that's the deception since 2008. The markets and the health of the economy is all about public perceptions.

    The 2008 crash and resultant GFC came from bank failure and then banks contagion. The cause was an imploded real estate bubble and related banking fraud. I believe history will repeat, because the systemic economic problems are still there, masked by monetary expansion. This time it will not be mortgage defaults triggering it, but something else, probably the much talked about derivatives meltdown.
    You and I will only hear of the next such event without a moment of notice, just like last time.
    As the world economy winds down, corporations, and therefore the TBTF banks, are coming under intense liquidity pressures. Private corporations and central banks, even foreign ones have ploughed trillions into share buybacks on the US market, and it looks good doesn't it!
    More like a cherry on top of a compost heap.

    I've made it my business to read, watch and listen to everything I can find because it's too important to just hope for the best.
    I don't intend to address the subject any further in this forum. Take it or leave it.
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