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    Ok so if I inderstand correctly I wake up one morning, stocks in free fall and by end of day I sell and there is a bank run on the big 4. Following day RBA steps in and limits daily withdrawals. It doesn't seem to matter if one has cash prior to disposal from stock market first but everyone is Phucked?

    So those with physical gold find themselves in the driving seat? Back track to Lehman moment, credit market globally freezes up. You either have hard cash to buy things or you are illiquid. Forget atm/credit cards or any form of paper. So what do you do with the gold? You can always argue the govt's will enforce confiscation of your gold as form of hard money?

    I beat you to this prep, cleared out in 2012 with exact same mentality of market crash alert! Wasted almost 2 years prepping while I see global indices continue. We had Grexit twice, Cyprus problems, QE Japan & Europe, bombings multiple times in Europe, etc. all this time the bear trend continued. When did the trend attempted to reverse? Conspicuously post Feds rate hike. Market crash corelations to gold price rally is getting thin on evidence. Better come up with a better excuse.
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