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    1) "How do you take positions with these kind of 'fundamentals' swirling in your mind constantly..."

    2) " t does not matter if you think US economy will implode. What matters is where the SP500/Dow is heading to."

    In response to 1), I don't. As I've said once or twice before in this forum, I ended 5 yrs of trading about 2 yrs ago, and went to cash and physical. Maybe it's a luxury some don't have? My house is freehold, I have some other income, no debt. Most importantly I have a fierce desire to protect what I have.

    2) I beg to differ. It's a crucial issue. If you wake up one morning with stocks in freefall, your stop losses will be triggered and your money will go into a bank account. You will receive no warning.
    To cash it out will take days. You may be faced with what is euphemistically called a "bank holiday". Love that term!

    Look, in the final analysis, you probably think it won't happen, whereas I don't like the risk.
    If and when I see a whole set of fundamentals restored to health, I could be back.
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