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    Surely if you owe a debt to someone you are in their power to some degree.

    Neither a borrower nor a lender be.

    Why should the US have this 19 or 20 trillion dollar debt as of right? Why not learn to start living within their means? Balance a budget every now and then. Don't they run a deficit every year? How is that fiscally responsible? Just make up a budget and make sure your out-goings equal your incomings. Simple. But they won't be fiscally responsible and they can't blame anyone but themselves.

    The US sets a bad example for us all, running up this huge debt, fighting wars which they chuck on the credit card. It's just spending willy nilly, that's what it is. They should be ashamed of themselves. If it's no problem to pay off and they are fiscally responsible and all that, can they just cut a cheque for the 19 or 20 trillion dollars? Why not just pay the thing off?

    If it was an interest free loan, sure, maybe wait a while then pay the whole thing off by cutting a cheque. But isn't the interest on 19 or 20 trillion dollars just dead money, going into someone else pocket???
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