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    Silver Will Lead the Breakout! - Jim Willie

    Silver leads the precious metals breakout in impressive fashion. The Cup & Handle pattern indicates an 18 target to be reached very quickly. The following chart exhibit a constructed launching pad for an assault on the $20 level.

    Suspicion has arisen that China is acquiring silver in an industrial stockpile, possibly for monetary purposes also. A bigger controversy has emerged, whereby JPMorgan might be the hired agent by China to secure vast amounts of silver bullion. The USGovt appears to have reneged on yet another lease contract with the Middle Kingdom.

    The US has confirmed once more itself to be the exceptionally corrupt nation. It is consolidating at the $17 price level.
    The next big test is resistance at $18 per ounce. The brief peaks in early 2015 will not stop the Silver march upward. No significant activity was seen at either minor peak event, a requirement for resistance to be exerted.


    1. The U.S. leased a large quantity of silver from the Chinese which it appears to have no intent on repaying, which most likely is the reasoning behind why China purchased 1 Chase Plaza, and has tasked JP Morgan with replenishing its silver the U.S. stole.

    2. Even more interesting, several of Dr. Willie’s clients have informed him that various ports in the Middle East are no longer accepting the “King Dollar” for U.S. naval ships to refuel on Diesel fuel. They are allegedly insisting on being paid in silver.
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