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    @pints - Thanks , but I don't have any superior experience! None. All I'm saying is when gold prices go down and / or gold stocks are sold off, I don't see how the currency is all that helpful. I certainly agree the AUD will fall...also agree we'd see AUD 1,800 easily. Explained this at great length last night (and never got a reply from the one I was responding to).
    My question is simple - why are people here so jubilant by the elevated POGAUD, when gold stocks sold off in USA and CA, and this is exactly what we see today (following their lead, presumably).
    I'm not jubilant today (nor was I last night), as are those who are tossing out the low AUD.
    I see they're all least from this Forum....
    As I write the XGD is: -2.13%.
    The US HUI was down 2.99%, others worse.
    Who is surprised?

    Note: Not all gold stocks below, just those I follow in a list:
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