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    Hi Andy,

    I'm not sure how many times I've heard about your RSG trade but it's many times, I personally think your a HC hero, very well done - Jim Rickards' book will confirm you're definitely on the right track that the the great meltdown is very close by.

    Unfortunately Jim was involved in one of the greatest financial scandals in history, so I won't be wasting my money on trash like that.

    Jim's book could help to relieve the pain you're feeling for buying all those gold bars at an exorbitant price and that gold is definitely going to $10,000 as per the divine intervention you and Martis are invoking.

    Unfortunately God helps those that help themselves and hope isn't a viable investment strategy, but you might think about that vertical spike on my chart as you pray at church tomorrow.

    I used to fly to PNG, it certainly isn't for the faint-hearted, Aussie ran the place then. On one of my trips one of the locals was being made fun of by the expats in the TAA office at Port Moresby, he'd gone to sleep in the hold of a Boeing 727 and ended up in Brisbane.
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