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    Hi again Biggle’s and all,

    I know you are a big fan of Warren Buffett and I see he is now talking sense and is moving out of US dollars. He does not say what currencies he is buying I just hope for his sake he is buying the only true money. I don’t think he realises he currently resides in down town squandeville.

    I also think his Import Certificates (ICs) system is to some extent being applied by countries like China and Russia by way of a new Gold standard. If I recall Tricky Dickie back in August 1971 he said the USA was temporarily coming off the Gold standard. I guess to some people 45 years can be seen as temporary!

    I wonder when they are forced back onto some type of Gold backed currency what the price per ounce will be; I guess we will find out one day at least I already have mine tucked away.

    By the way Gold forms a major part of my portfolio these days so leave the new chaps alone and direct your inane comments at me will you!

    By the way two pieces of important information learned the hard way. 1: Don’t put Dettol in your steam cleaner (the place smells like an embalming chamber.) 2: keep tubes of haemorrhoid cream and deep-heat rub well separated in your bathroom cabinet!

    Sorry but it is the weekend!

    Cheers and very best regards: Andy
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