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    Here is the closing performance of gold in its various incarnations...Spot, Futures (GC - active . month and continuous contract), HUI and XAU gold indices, Vector Vest GDX and GDX Juniors ETFs, and Toronto Global Gold Miners Index (TTGD). You can also see US and Australian dollar at the bottom (US has two indices, DXY the older, and more commonly used, the other from Dow Jones and Co. - more recent, broader).
    Interesting that the Aussie fell against a falling USD. Which confirms - to me - that it has no intrinsic strength of its own....fell perhaps based on expectations of a possible rate cut, but I still stand by what I just said. When the iron ore bubble collapses in currently frenzied China Futures trading, so will the Aussie. At this pace POGAUD should break its old all-time high pretty soon. It's much easier to do at 75, 70 cents than it was at $1.10

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