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    Mate I feel for you.
    Please do not go down the path "of finance, gold and politics but when it comes down to it I'm trying to find a bloody way to generate a decent deposit for a house."
    There are too many variables to understand this. If you are youngish, below 30 you have been sold up the river as
    " property" is weighted to the incombants, including myself. You will need to think of " going bush " to find some gold, which is impossible now as the outcrops in our " gold rush " are worked.
    There are no easy answers. Too much corruption and trickery.
    Be close to your family and love your neighbour.
    If you have a chance buy some gold and or silver coins / bars and hold close. May come in handy.
    Or at least become self sufficient and grow your own.

    All the best and good luck!
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