HER 0.00% 88.5¢ herald resources limited


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    There's usually a catch up game ie some lag time, as the truth starts to sink in re the price rise.
    Let's wait and see what happens o'night, but it's beginning to look good and feel good too.
    The one that surprises me a little, HER, has hardly blinked.
    Anyhow, if this keeps up there'll be more & more interest, which in turn will provide excellent selling opportunities as the laggards try to get set and the patient, ie those that have been long term acumulators, will be selling into a rising market.
    Don't you just love it, I do, but hey, I've been a believer since the doomsayers prevailed.
    Lets hope there's one or two "ten baggers" amongst the "pennies".
    Cheers and good luck to all fellow bugs.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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