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    re: Gold to Disappoint yep, possibly $320 tonite.

    I think Gold is going to DISAPPOINT a lot of 'Gold Bugs'. Gold has been in a long, long, long term downtrend and I reckon it will take its time. Be wary of the 'immediate type hype' on Kitco. Sounds good, but if it were that good, it would already have been factored into the price of your stock.

    Slow but steady. The "blue sky" gold stocks or those that may "outperform" will be the ones that are a couple of years from full production, those still in the exploration stage.

    Buy and Hold. IRN and LSG and many, many others.

    ......... plenty of upside on the way through, and they won't be punished as much as say CRS and LHG if and when gold drops.

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