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    this is 'Mr Gold' talking about the dec gold comex contract.


    Economic figures released today concerning GDP growth mark the high water level of the recovery and we are heading downhill from here.

    A probable equity market top will be formed now. Gold could go to $400, $410 and $420 within days.

    I just bought 100 golds and am ready to pounce bullishly the second that the 9 minute gold Power Downtrend line shows evidence that it wishes to break to the upside.

    I sold the opening in order to cash up even if I lost opportunity which in the end I did not. These short little guys have a standing tall "Bullish Gun Fighter" to contend with and I have all the ammunition and market weapons needed to turn their last stand into a rout.

    For the wild men in this group who can handle risk and only them I am alone at the OK Corral. But keep in mind in this game I am Wyatt Earp.

    The shorts of the Gold Cartel of Common interest are the Clantons and we know they are going straight to hell.

    I am delivering their Karma. Doc, if you are out there, I am ready for the fight to the death here and now! Whoever is left standing today owns $420.

    Anyone selling any gold share that can at least wiggle under $400 this time is, I believe, wacky.

    If you want to sell, there are better prices coming and you may change your mind - possibly even later today.

    There is no question in my mind that this pesky bunch of shorts will be taken out behind the woodshed for a lesson they’re not likely to forget. I am cashed up again and totally ready for them.

    Nonetheless, I have to compliment their willingness - like the Clantons of OK Corral fame - to do battle. This is the power side of gold which supercedes both fundamental and technical analysis that those Parker Pen Heroes (Harry Schultz may be the only exception) write about but have ZERO experience in.

    The shorts are desperate to defend the $387 to $388 area of their position. Having stated that case by their market tactics so clearly this week, they have foolishly put up their own goalpost which will be their undoing. The shorts have shown their hand to the world and sealed their fate in the process.

    So to the Gold Community members who are real believers, Stand Tall, Stand Pat and your gold warriors will take the day. This is war and I truly love it.

    To the ESF and the Cartel who are reading this, how do you know that you're not being snookered right into a bag? You don't, so come and get me if you can. Show me who is boss.

    Who knows, maybe Doc Holliday is looking over my shoulder.

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