gold will far outpace $a's appreciation...

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    Uptill now, $gold's rise has been directly linked to the $US's fall. At some point in the future (ie. when gold's bull market matures), this link will be decisively broken.

    It is my view that $US's weakness has acted merely as a catalyst for $gold's rise -- it is not the sole driver. Every market needs a catalyst to start a new trend -- & $US's weakness has been $gold's catalyst.

    In the near future, other very significant factors in gold's pricing (supply/demand imbalance, possible short squeeze, underperformance of all alternative asset classes, safe haven buying) will kick in and drive gold to significantly outpace $US's fall --- all imho.

    In turn, gold priced in $A will perform much more in line with gold priced in $US.

    The best is undeniably yet to come. The journey's only just started...

    Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.
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