Gold - where to go?

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    Newbie so please be gentle.
    I declare my position as an ardent long time gold bug. It's been down in the gutter a long time. Not in long term historical terms - just in recent modern time as old yeller battled valiantly against our fiscal flirtations with the central bank's printing presses.
    But and because it's as good as gold, the yellow stuff is jumping from the blocks again.
    And its price in local dollars is around $570 oz.
    Question for the esteemed members of this panel.
    Where do I put my share-bucks into a good unhedged high-producing Australian gold miner?
    Had a look around for good Australian companies not hedged up to their whatsits. The big ones like Aurion, Newmont, Lihir are pretty hopeless as far as I can ascertain. Others touted by day trading pundits should be scrutineered more closely. Like CRS are having to deliver 14,750 ozs at AU$500 every month for the next fifteen months. Out of their monthly production the're left with 8000 ozs to sell at spot. Huge lost opportunity cost - straight off the bottom line. It's pretty awesome if you bother to do the mathematics. At the least $100,000,000 a month that should be going to CRS shareholders!
    That's this month. Imagine if gold does go for a gallop.
    I would suggest LHG is hedged up to its whatsits too.
    Where would the esteemed panel suggest mad gold money should go? Is DRD (South African) a crazy idea? SBM hmmm.
    Back to the charts...

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