Gold-To Flats.GSR Up 25%!!!!!

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    Hi Flats.I see GSR skyrocketed 25%!!!! last night on the OTCC.GSR now nearly $2.00US.I just love the way the markets react to market forces over there.I'm beginning to think the market is starting to factor in a much higher gold price than what is current.Probably due to the fact that most of the central banks have sold their agreed quota and theres still 2 years to go till the next agreement takes place.AVL must now be one of the more cash backed specs around.They still have a couple of mill GSR dont they?I wonder if MDM still has theres.They'll be kicking themselves if they sold.AVL might have to have a rethink in the Congo and start looking at some of their gold bearing deposits.

    Regards Domum
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