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gold .. the comex game is nearly up..

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    The gold shorting gang on Comex must be getting worried.

    You see, when they keep selling gold futures at well below the going rate paid for physical gold then they have a problem. Because they have a commitment to deliver gold to those buyers at a price that is well below the current real price of physical gold.

    Now it will only take a few determined buyers with big pockets who insist on taking delivery of physical gold and the Comex shorting of paper gold will then be revealed in all its true colours.

    Does the Comex gold shorting gang seriously believe that wealthy investors around the world are forever going to sit back and let them adversely affect the price of these investors' physical gold and investments in gold producing companies by getting away with persistent shorting of paper gold and not having to deliver physical gold into those shorts?

    For the Comex gold shorting gang to continue to believe that they can get away with this is the height of arrogance.

    See "John Embry: Gold’s Game-Changing Moment Could be Fast Approaching" at
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