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    idid not say crs was at full value i said that according to hartleys and huntleys scg and patersons the crs valuations are between .60 and .70 with further upside if either or both of a gold price increase or an increase in reserves happen .i said that crs at the present is APPROACHING FULL VALUE with its current reserves and current price of gold .crs will probably hit huntleys .70 target this week and may exceed it but if they dont increase the reserve base and projected mine life of 2 years there is no way they are going to run to a dollar hill 50 had a ten year mine life and was producing 300000 ounces and until the takeover offer came was trading below a dollar .i had been a hill 50 share holder since 1998 when they were .40 cents and they had a mine life of 2 years at that time and it took 3 years for them to break a dollar and for the mine life to be extended from 2 to 5 to7 and finaly 10 before the price hit the dollar mark admitedly the gold price was lower in us dollar terms 250 an ounce i think but the a dollar was in the mid fourties then and its in the mid fifties now so the aussie dollar price wasnt all that different. i am not talking down crs i am a holder but i do 8intend selling down 50%of my stake if crs breaks .70 unless the gold price takes a big run or crs extend the mine life.wrongway
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