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    Shook out the weak longs. Held above its $339 pivot which is widely regarded in the market from the various reports I have read, as the critical price level.
    Something on Turkey just through from the wires.

    DJ Turkey Vice PM:Turkey Can Defend Itself; Won't Fight Iraq

    TOKYO (AP)--Turkey's deputy prime minister said Monday his country will not get drawn into combat should the U.S. lead military action in neighboring Iraq, but added that Turkey is capable of defending itself if necessary.
    "Turkey will not be directly involved in the war or will not participate in the war," visiting Deputy Prime Minister Ertugrul Yalcinbayir told reporters. "I pray that the war will be stopped and that peace will prevail."
    Turkey was angered last week when NATO members Belgium, France and Germany blocked an alliance decision to begin plans to fortify Turkey in the event of a war in Iraq. Germany and Belgium dropped their objections Sunday, but France hasn't agreed.
    Yalcinbayir said he believes the three countries are aware of their responsibility to ensure the security of their NATO ally. He said Turkey wants them to work out their differences with Washington, which is calling for military action to disarm Iraq of its alleged weapons of mass destruction.
    "Turkey is capable of defending itself," he said. "But to some extent, we need a degree of cooperation."
    Turkey is a close Washington ally and depends heavily on U.S. political and economic aid. But Turks fear a war could hurt the country's economic recovery and provoke instability along its border with Iraq.
    Yalcinbayir was in Tokyo to promote the "Year of Turkey in Japan."

    (END) Dow Jones Newswires
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