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    I'd support acturtle's excellent post above. One comapny I would add to his category 1 is Bendigo Mining (BDG) which although it is not due to come on stream till late 2003 stands an excellent potential for large gains if the gold bull run can be maintained and even if it can't stands likely to be revalued upwards as gold pour time approaches. There are quite a few posts on BDG over the past few days, the best of which is by Vasco.

    One other point worth making, and here we're talking very high risk strategy. In the heady days of the sixties boom when things were at their most frenetic, just about any company with a hole in the ground was likley to have ridiculous upward spikes of 100-200% in a day or two as rumours true or otherwise would spread. If gold goes north of $400 US, I would expect this type of bubble behaviour in the market to start to become apparent. From this point of view it might be worth starting to build a file of companies with good addresses eg gawler craton, yilgarn etc, low numbers of shares on issue and enough cash or plans to be drilling a hole or two. Remember though this is high risk stuff.

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