gold & silver - what is your guess?

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    Guys in the spirit of xmas i thought i would start a competition to see who can be closest to the price of Gold and Silver this time next year.

    The closest entry will WIN the title of 'Hotcoppers Grand Goldbug'.

    The rules are:

    1.Only 1 entry per person.

    2.There must be a guess of both Gold and Silver in $US.

    3.The results will be based on the bid price of Gold and Silver at exactly 2:00pm Aus time 24/12/2003 as displayed at

    4.Entries close at midnight 15/01/2003 - no entries will be accepted after this date WHATSOEVER.

    5.I will print and keep a list of participants that enter.

    6.The winner will be closest to the price of both Gold and Silver.


    Here is my guess:

    Gold - 560oz.
    Silver - 7.80oz.

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