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    The US economy is debt riddled (both personal debt and national debt) - and Bush wants over 80 billion more to "re-build" Iraq !!!

    The US 'recovery', in my estimation is the product of a slick "talk fest" by Bush, Greenspan et al - an election is looming in the USA and Bush wants a second term as President. Hence a "booming economy" with the printing press working overtime to generate more and more greenbacks.

    The thread of lies will soon become unravelled. The US economy is in deep trouble. Iraq is becoming another "Vietnam" which will bog the US down for years to come. The massive debt levels and the US housing boom are unsustainable. Mid-East tensions are on the rise. The oil price is poised to explode because of the aforementioned point, because of the onset of a North American winter, and because of the uncertainties linked to possible terrorist sabotage attacks on Iraqi pipelines and oilfields.

    It will not go away in a hurry - refuge will be sought in gold, silver, and energy and minerals commodities.
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