gold share panic buying soon

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    Gold Share Panic Buying Soon ???

    GATA thinks so :

    The following information was posted by Bill Murphy at on Friday:

    "Gold came in stronger than expected on the Comex opening, which is almost always a very constructive development. It left a $1 gap and quickly shot up all morning, topping $383 at one point. Then the requisite Gold Cartel $6 price-capping rule went into play. That was all she wrote. The cabal regrouped and held gold in check the rest of the trading session and then did their requisite slam, knocking gold down a buck ON THE BELL. These no-good low-lifes are pitiful. Ah for the day when we can get our stretchers out, pick them off the mat, and then dump them in the sewer! "The big news is for Café members only. I received a call from London about The Stalker and learned a bit more about this "gold buying group." Two goodies for you:

    "In addition to the $4.6 billion order, The Stalker is buying well in excess of another billion dollars worth of bullion and gold coins. The MIDAS analysis over these past months of huge new buying interests entering the gold arena looks better by the day.

    "The orders are emanating out of New Zealand and Australia. My source believes it is Asian money and most likely CHINESE!

    "This is wonderful news as it would mean the Asian (Chinese) gold buy program is competing with Indian, Turk, and Arab buying. Put them all together and it is easy to comprehend why The Gold Cartel has not been able to flush out the massively long specs. The Eastern buyers are always there on dips competing against one another for a diminishing supply of gold.

    "It also explains why gold has been moving up in price with a corresponding, but lagging, move in the dollar. Gold is leading the way and doing so for the reason John Brimelow and I have articulated for so long. The key to the gold price is the surging physical gold market taking on the corrupt and devious Gold Cartel.

    "These buyers are very sophisticated, worldly and certainly know what GATA knows. They could ascertain the veracity of the work of Reg Howe, James Turk, Frank Veneroso, and the rest of the GATA camp in a week. It is all on the Internet. These big new buyers know half the central bank gold is gone and they are making their move.

    "Contrast their maneuvering to that of the West, which continues to lie and deceive the investing public about the true state of the gold market. You have nothing but disingenuous gold propaganda coming out of The Gold Cartel, bullion banks, western central banks, and the western financial market press. They are a disgrace as they have, for the most part, censored free speech by not allowing GATA to be heard or read in the mainstream financial press.

    "The Café Sentiment Indicator works again. It has only moved up to a 4 or 5. Never seen anything like this in all my years of commodity trading. The efforts by The Gold Cartel to keep excitement over gold to a minimum is working. This is very good news for Café members. It means a stupendous gold share buying panic is on the way as the duped western investor will stampede into gold and the gold shares at the same time when they realize what they're missing. A GOLD SHARE BUYING PANIC IS COMING. There is no way the little gold share market will be able to handle this buying without the shares SOARING, "To The Moon Alice, To The Moon!""

    September 23, 2003"

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