gold set to rise?

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    Whilst there are many factors that affect the gold price it is undeniable that the falling US Dollar is one of the main influences.

    The chart of the US dollar looks set to break to new lows...... There also appears to be good correlation between the consolidation in the US dollar chart over the last 4 weeks whilst in the same period the gold price has been in malaise.

    So it gets intriguing doesnt it - as the other factor is the war looming closer in Iraq and its obvious impacts on the gold price as well.

    There are not many posts on gold stocks at HC at the moment.

    I wonder if this should be seen as a buy point for gold stocks? It was the last time the US dollar started to look ready to slide. There are a few cheaper gold stocks around at the moment and the gold price trend is still undeniably up.

    Further comments appreciated.


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