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    I get the impression some punters are trading gold stocks with one eye on the POG.

    That is trading on emotion. ie price up:I fear I may miss out. Price down: let's get the hell out of here.

    Granted the emotional side of things is bound to be a driver for some and will generally cause them loss.

    Surely the POG is just as relevant in the future as it is today in terms of future production and explorers.

    eg. I fail to see what POG today has to do with an explorer stock price,except to draw attention to the fact gold discoveries can be good for stock prices.

    I see POG mainly as an attention grabber. I think jolly you were predicting CRS at $1 on the fundamentals and $300 plus.

    One of the general fundamentals for gold is the lack of high quality viable resources which may have a more significant effect on POG than is generally acknowledged.
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