Gold set to boom- a new gold bull era has arrived.

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    Gold is in an uptrend that will carry it to value many times the present over the next few years.

    Make no mistake, the uptrend is still not well defined, and is immature... however, it is very evident that it does exist.

    There may be alot of volatility over the next few months, with gold moving both up AND down by reasonable margins... however this is all part and parcel of the early stages of any new uptrend.

    Get in early and expect volatility, however, also expect significantly higher returns.

    Those that currently hold no position in gold, or gold related instruments because they consider it to be a relic of the barbarian age need to stop watching bubble vision. They need to realise that the 20 bull market in equities is over, as is the unprecedented rise of the USD.

    People sell grossly evervalued assets in the near future will need some where to place their money...

    ... and that place WILL be gold.

    Prediction: Expect POG to be challenging $500 by the end of 2003, and the GOLD MANIA to start from 2004.

    Get in early, while you still have the chance!

    PS. A test of $300 is a possibility over the next couple of weeks.

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