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Hi Andy, What 'emergency measures' are you referring to? Can you...

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    Hi Andy,

    What 'emergency measures' are you referring to? Can you please be more specific and quote these 'emergency measures'.

    Hi Skol and all,

    Hey boys taking time to copy out my exact words over again rather than just refer to my posts is somewhat flattering but please no more.

    “What 'emergency measures' are you referring to? Can you please be more specific and quote these 'emergency measures'.”

    When one is driving on a motorway say the M1 here in the UK the normal speed limit is 70 MPH. If there is and accident and possibly a lane closure, they may reduce the speed limit down to say 50 MPH until say the road and obstructions are cleared and it’s once again safe to go back to the regular 70 MPH speed limit. Reducing the speed limit can be seen as an emergency measure!

    In a regular economy running with around 3-4% inflation we may see something like a normal 10% interest rate. I’m not in Brisbane at present but I know the halfwits in the UK are currently telling me that inflation is only 2.2% can we for arguments sake say it’s about the same in Australia. Therefore, if true inflation (I think it’s more) is 2.2% to 3% inflation and the RBA are holding interest rates at 1.5% and this number is well below current inflation rate this is another name for helicopter money. So, to make my argument I say an interest rate below the rate of inflation (Negative in fact) is in truth free money and I refer that to an emergency measure rather than a normal situation.

    Going back to the M1 setting the speed limit at 50 MPH in the face of 60MPH head winds and the traffic like the economy would be running backwards!

    I do hope you appreciate that there are nice people like me around to explain these things in ways that even you can understand.

    Cheers and very best regards: Andy
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