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Looking forward to upcoming dividend but happy to hold beyond...

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    Looking forward to upcoming dividend but happy to hold beyond that as I see continued upside to gold price and cash flows to EXS. Looking at page 21 of yesterdays report, table 4 showing White Dam resource estimates, White Dam listed as 106,000 ounces and Vertigo 82,000 ounces. White dam production to date been performing in excess of that resource estimate so hopefully Vertigo will perform similarly. I think EXS is gonna have good gold cash flows for some time yet. White Dam north said to not be economic within present project parameters, i think somebody posted previously that problem with white dam north gold deposit was it had copper in it. I'm no expert here but assume the copper would interfere with gold extraction rates. I assume plant could be reconfigured to cope with that, but why go to that expense if nearby deposits still exist able to be put through existing plant. Lot of people looking at EXS as just dividend stock, but to me its my favourite gold stock.
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