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    dunno about advanced warnings?
    I pretty much stated within 20 minutes of my 2 buys today.

    I still half expect further falls in POG after we close today, similar to the last 2-3 days, simply because there is without doubt now a downtrend in place, but there is recent support underneath just now, so this evening will be interesting to watch and see if that holds or not.

    re time series, loves to default view on my computer to US timezone, unless i specifically adjust that, but the price patterns would surely be showing correctly?

    re clawing back, I will report back if/when I manage that
    I really just wanna compare to the early days of 14.5c range, that was when I had my biggest number of shares held, I'm holding a bit over half of that currently and don't have enough funds at today's prices to get that same number back so there is some way to go yet
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