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    Gold miners are the best performers today on the ASX.   

    Black Panther up 5% to 61 US cents.  

    Gold has moved up nicely to $1250 USD. 

    BDR produced 27K ounce in Oct & Nov.  

    Plant upgrade has a miner bug estimated cost to fix is USD $200

    As part of the takeover to make one Black Panther share you'll need 16.15  BDR shares.   

    So with BDR at 4.7 cents x 16.15 = $0.759, divide by 1.39 for USD to AUD conversion and you get .58 cent.

    Let's cut to the chase this bad boy is trading at a small discount of 2 cents.  I've done this for my own reconciliation purposes!  

    To the TA side Black Panther was trading at $1.40 back in January of this year.   If that point is revisited then a BDR share would be worth 11.4 cents.   To get real momentum here, l think the merger needs to proceed and after that you'll get the price lift.   But if gold and silver keep moving up then that's another ball game.

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