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Gold - perhaps it is time again.....

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    There were only three previous occasions the DOW had a very large one month fall (september) followed by a large one month gain (october) - I'll let you do the homework, you will find the dates close to 1929.
    The three occasions the dow fell sharply one month then presided with a big one month rise eventually followed by three months of continuous falls in the 5-10% region each month on the DOW - so what are we to expect, and what should be paying close attention to ?
    Forget bonds, the short end yield favours equities somewhat & the economic climate is not suitable for equities at the moment, as growth is extremely weak.
    This is the perfect environment for gold - as I believe asset fund allocation rejigs itself into quasi anti-fiat currency derivatives as the USD continues to downtrend and the EURO cyclically regains attention from commercial funds and gold may break above $320 (tonight perhaps) --- have a good weekend..

    p.s those with an appetite with derivatives or has a strong stomach for futures - keep an eye on NCMWMK and GCZ2..

    adios ... my 2c
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