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The bigger picture for me is avoiding societal collapse. And I...

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    The bigger picture for me is avoiding societal collapse. And I just don't see how we can stave off an almost 100% certainty. I can remain hopeful and protect myself by investing in gold, but the reality of the situation tells me otherwise. Gold per se is not the answer to our problems. It can slow down the vampires who rule over us, the one's you are not allowed to criticize, but it will never work in achieving long term solutions. I have my own views on this and this is not the appropriate forum in which to discuss them. The main problem is and has always been usury. Where usury flourishes ordinary people struggle to make ends meet. Capitalism, as E Michael Jones says, is state-sponsored usury. A claim which is impossible to disagree with. I'll leave it at that - other than to say that cryptocurrencies are not the answer, because the powers that be (really just bubble pumping mafia bankers) can outlaw your cryptocurrency of choice while legalizing the cryptocurrency of their choice. So what's the real answer here? Get rid of all forms of fiat or get rid of the mafia bankers.
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