gold now $381.10

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    Anyone following the gold debate today would realise that gold has moved in a volatile trading manner, throughout the day.

    Shortly before 3.00pm today, gold was trading close to $387 (according to Kitco).

    In the last few minutes, however, Kitco has sent out several email updates (to those of us subscribing to them) which demonstrates just how volatile the trading has been.

    @2.47, gold was $385.60.

    @4.46pm, gold had fallen back to $383.10.

    @4.58pm, gold had fallen further to $381.10.

    Could this be a case of Asia driving the price up throughout the day, and with Europe now open, Europe selling into that uptrend?

    Hard to say, but would be interested in hearing the analysis on this one (short, or medium).
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