Gold-MAJOR WARNING-Commercials close to all time S

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    Whilst I am bullish on gold and gold stocks in the medium to long term, BE WARNED NOW that if gold does NOT hold above $310 at the end of this week, there SHOULD be a major sell off. Commercial futures traders have an estimated net SHORT (sell) position of over 100,000 GOLD FUTURES CONTRACTS (72,703 last week). Figures are not released until end of Friday in the USA, but the signs are very strong that A MAJOR PULLBACK SHOULD OCCUR WITHIN THE NEXT 1 TO 5 DAYS. Protect your positions. Naturally, the commercial traders will turn LONG when they feel enough blood has been let, and for us mere mortals, the ones with the most intestinal fortitude, will start buying back into gold stocks or adding to positions, with very profitable results, when all looks gloom and doom. In summary, SHORT TERM: GOLD SHOULD FALL and MEDIUM TERM: GOLD SHOULD RISE TO NEW HIGHS. Thanks to 'The Bullish Review' guys for this analysis. Remember, this is one opinion only, but these guys put in the hard yards to be right more often than they're wrong. The only guarantee in life is that you are going to die one day. Gone fishing......
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