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    Nickoo- I can understand your exhuberance but I have to agree you would have had to outlay $100000's of dollars to have a truckload of $$$ being delivered just yet (unless they are $USDL which are soon to be rerated as PESOS).
    I agree with your 25 bagger theory however I think you may be just a little early. Give it a few months and a slight correction from this current run up and watch the base form higher.
    I have been waiting for 10 years for this run and I agree it is very very early in the "Gold Bull Run".
    Remeber that it takes a lot of choppy action and time to enter a "Bull" market. It never happens overnight, unless of course we see real turmoil in the US banking market. It will be an orderly run up but now is the time to get set.
    90% invested in GOLD 10% CASH. Thats how confident I am. There is no room for bailing out now.
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