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    Extremely well done!

    For the first time, the Cartel's manipulative efforts caused no follow through yesterday. It did not rain gold and no gold shares came back into their pockets for a profit.

    Recent events in Iraq have underscored another reason why selling gold and gold shares based on painted charts by "Mr. Lodge" is without merit. However, you did it. You stood Tall and Strong and refused to go
    to their weekly "Fleece party."

    In the coming months they will be shadows of their former selves, skeletons not even dogs would eat. You now own them. Gold is, IMO, headed to $430 and above $500 thanks to the courage of the Gold

    This was your first refusal to run scared and retreat into their short selling pockets. Soon, we will close the door on these shorts - possibly forever.

    Let me tell you a little story.
    I keep fish in my office and in a pond.
    Now there are many Koi fish and six fully-matured Comets. Those Comets first came to me as feeder fish for the Arowannas that I had.
    An Arowannas is said to bring good financial luck by my Asian friends. So of course I had to have one. It lived on small Comets (tiny baby gold fish) which proved to be a bit gross based on the body fragments that appeared at the top of the pond in the mornings.
    An Arowannas looks like a snake cum landing craft from WW2. It cruises around, opens its entire front end and devours the Comets in a singlegulp. I used to buy 20 Comets every ten days for this lucky carnivore.

    But one day the Comets had enough. A new bunch apparently organized and attacked the Arowannas in self defence. The Arowannas took a few but this bunch in an organized manner chewed off the Arronwannas's fins so it floated belly up and could not chase after the Comets anymore.
    Unfortunately for the Arowannas, he bought the farm.
    However, in honor of the courage and organizational skills of the Comets (previously unheard of in the annals of fishdom) I awarded them a long healthy and wealthy life - at least by fish standards.

    They were fed. Their water was filtered and maintained at the correct pH. Their large tank was cleaned regularly and medicine given to prevent disease. Eventually I put them in my 90,000 gallon pond in the
    wealthy corner of my farm. They've been there four years and are still belching up their Arowannas lunch.

    The Cartel represents the Arowannas and today we in the Gold Community have organized and launched our first attack. By not giving them the profit they expected last night, they are covering their shorts as we speak seven dollars higher than they had planned. Soon we will devour their fins and their ability to maneuver.

    Have a good laugh Mr. Lodge but like the Arowannas your days are numbered and you are already starting to float funny.

    Well done fellow members of a reinvigorated Gold Community.
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