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    Australian Gold Index
    13 May, 2002

    (Editor's note: A reader from 'down under' asked me to post this at 321gold. Please help the Australians get their Gold Index back)

    XGO PROTEST CAMPAIGN - Give us OUR Gold Index!

    By way of background, Standard and Poor's are contracted to calculate indices for the Australian markets. The Australian Stock Exchange has agreed to use the "GICS" or Global Industry Classification Standard.

    GICS does NOT have a gold index. Rather, Gold is "blended" into a Materials Index.

    Gold is one of Australia's 4 major export industries. It sits behind coal, but almost on a par with crude oil exports and iron ore exports in 2001/2002.

    We want our Gold Index back, so please help...

    Send an email to one-two-three ( or ALL ) of the companies listed below and let them know what we want...


    ASX - a MUST for all emailers ... these guys control what indices are reported:

    Australian Gold Council: [email protected]
    The Australian Gold Council (AGC) has approached ASX and Standard & Poor's in an effort to get them to continue with the Gold Index. AGC need our strong support, so absolutely ensure you email them too.
    send this to The Australian Gold Council

    AurionGold ( AOR ) [email protected]
    send this to Aurion Gold

    Lihir Gold ( LHG ) [email protected]
    send this to Lihir Gold

    Newcrest Mining ( NCM )

    Sons of Gwalia [email protected]
    send this to Sons of Gwalia

    Croesus ( CRS ) [email protected]
    send this to Croesus

    Gympie Gold ( GYM ) [email protected]
    send this to Gympie Gold

    Resolute ( RSG ) [email protected]
    send this to Resolute

    St Barbara Mines ( SBM )

    There have been many complaints to the ASX on this already, given the gold sector's importance to Australian exports, and given the weight of the remaining gold stocks in the ASX.

    We may not be successful in overturning this ( rather poor ) decision, but we won't know unless we try!

    Give it a Go! Click on those links now!

    321gold Inc Miami USA

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