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Gold in them there hills!

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    Hi all. Been a while since I've put in a post but time has been at a premium as I have had both a house and company relocation.
    It's saddened me to see previous posts on MacCrap airports. Knowing I wasn't the only one to get my pinkies burnt was not any consolation. This would have to be one of the best examples of exercising stringent stop loss methodologies or face the financial consequences.
    Never the less on a brighter note, JRV - Jervois Mining. I said several weeks ago there was gold in them there hills. Murray, alias the Sunshine Kid, and Purcell (Batman and Robin of the mining circuit) wouldn't be in this if there wasn't serious money to be made. If you doubt my testimony to this pair read the book The Money Miners, then check the stock - its volume, its movements, its announcements including today's and tell me that there isnt a consolidation of positions going on in this stock.
    They're about to start mining - confirmed 10,000 ozs with expected profit of $2 million on a company that's probably only worth about $3 million. But the lynchpin in this is that the remaining tenements contain resources of over 400,000 ozs. Just do some weeny calculations on what impact this may have on JRVs share price and this to me suggests why there is constant pressure of late on the shares and the options.
    I've been pretty close to the money on most of my predictions and I say this stock will reach 6c by the end of September and when they're pulling the yellow stuff out of the ground in October she'll probably give 12c a good nudge.
    Don't just believe me - I hold the stock. Do your own research. Let's say this is a golden opportunity.
    PS The harder I work the luckier I get!
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