gold in hong kong

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    In the Sunday Morning Post are two articles about gold. One is by Steve Saville entitled "Alan Greespan gives gold investors a green light", see
    I cannot post the article but he says in part that the gold bull market is likely to continue for the remainder of this decade. He advises "Private investors would be well advised to obtain some exposure to gold by purchasing gold bullion or the shares of gold mining companies."
    The other story is entitled: "Gold emerges as the real bull market", by Puru Saxena and Stephen Gollop, directors of Bridgewater. In a discussion on the markets they say in part: "Gold is in the early stages of a multi-year bull market, and has been for two years. Sophisticated interests have been accumulating gold at what we consider dirt-cheap levels." Also: "You cannot afford not having a position in gold."

    I know those who visit here know all this but what is interesting is that articles are appearing supporting gold as an investment. More and more will be forced to take notice.


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