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GOLD in AUD will be near $2600 if RBA cuts again

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    GOLD in AUD will be near $2600 if ...RBA keeps cutting + cutting rates.

    if/ when ..interest rates are falling to 1% in Australia by 2016/17 .. the AUD will be nearer to 50c

    RBA will cut rates to be in line with World Wide rates under 1%

    as AUD falls in line with World wide Rates of less than 1% in 2015/16 AUD will crash to near 50c

    Gold at us$1300 x Aud 50c GOLD will be = to A$2600

    Lower interest rates for WPG coming too ..with higher Net returns from better AUD exchange rates ..

    2015/16 + 17 will be good years for WPG as International /local interest rates and the AUD slides to new lows .
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