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    This is a comment found on GE forum.

    Not recommending or advertising any of the following PM stocks. Look at the bottom of the following list and only choose the REALLY high percentage ones! These are the PM stocks that are hedged the heaviest.

    IMO, after choosing a sure loooooossssser, be sure to do your own due diligence on how to buy high, holding on against the trend of the best industry going on for a second year, and riding your pick to lower prices. Do not be in a hurry to sell your pick.

    Wait, then when your pick is in the penny or lower category, be sure to sell hoping for the lowest price possible. This will confirm and ASSure your position as a LLLLOOOSSER!

    OK, now for reality: The worst position for a company would be to have a low production of precious metals and a highly hedged position like the ones at the bottom in the sewage sludge.

    The best is ZERO hedging! The cream of the crop always rise to the TOP(arranged in alphabetical order)!

    Gold HEDGING Position % of each company compared to their Yearly Production. (2001-2002)

    Agnico Eagle 0%
    Freeport McM. 0%
    Glamis Gold 0%
    Goldcorp 0%
    Goldfields 0%
    Meridan 0%
    Rio Tinto 0%

    Echo Bay 27%
    Kinross Gold 54%
    Durban Deep 67% (before buying out hedges, now near 0%)
    IAMGOLD 68%
    Inmet Gold 80%

    Harmony 99%
    Hecla Mines 102%
    Resolute 105%
    Placer Dome 120%
    Newmont/Norm. 124%
    Mim Holdings 135%
    Anglogold 184%
    Aurora Gold 186%

    TVX Gold 220%
    Barrick Gold 298%

    Cambior 309%
    Cameco 400%
    Lihir Gold 404%
    Normandy NFM 407%

    Western Areas 506%
    Hill 50 645% (Purchased by hmy)
    Aurion Gold 862%
    Ashanti 873%
    GRD 964%
    Sons of Gwalia 1157%
    Teck-Cominco+A 1695%

    Ask yourself this question: “Which PM stocks will INCREASE in price in a RISING MARKET?”

    BTW, there are some junior PM stocks that have 0% hedging. dyodd. None are mentioned because they do NOT advertise here!
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