gold - good caution

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    further to my earlier post on adm - and after reading some other post on hotcopper - i quote the following - as a bit of a reminder. i did mention that adm, had a deposit on woodlark island - it is possilbe that the deposit is a "tired old (rhymes with door)

    There's a saying that "a rising tide lifts all boats." Practically every gold company has appreciated in value over the last year, including the dogs. In a buoyant market even the dogs do better, and there are a number of mutts out there. Dogs can be identified readily because they are usually touting a subeconomic property that they have had for years and have done virtually nothing with, or, they go back and drill a hole or two every year without coming up with an orebody. In the industry we call these projects "tired old wh-s" (rhymes with doors) because they have been shopped around everywhere. It's important when you do your due diligence on a company to find out what the history of a project is. Unless a land package is huge and just takes time to work through it shouldn't take a company more than a few seasons of diligent work to understand if it is worthwhile or not. A company that has already made a discovery should be growing ounces through drilling and other exploration. The Goldcorp story of taking an old mine and turning it into a high-grade producer is highly unusual and rare.
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