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    A little light reading for the night shift

    I would like to bring your attention to the following article by James E. Sinclair, Chairman & CEO of Tan Range Exploration Corporation and Harry D. Schultz, Editor of International Harry Schultz Letter:

    In today’s world, when the arrest of corporate officers of public corporations is applauded by equity markets rising, do you really believe Central Banks will want to be exposed as the financiers of crime? There is a smoking gun out there and its name is “Gold Leases.” Yes, the 89% of gold derivatives which have nothing whatsoever to do with gold production is the smoking gun. This is evidence that the HIDDEN NUMBER of total gold leases done by central banks have been converted by the gold bank cartel to CHEAP money to finance their client’s activities. Who are their clients? Well, we are finding out that the clients of the gold dealer subsidiaries of major international commercial and investment banks are the Enrons of the world! We previously entitled this type of “Carry Trade” as the wise guys. Well, it appears that these “Wise Guys” are as notorious as the Sopranos depicted on TV. The bankers for these “Wise Guys” are none other than the world’s leading central banks in their “Gold Leasing Policy.” Yes, the evidence screams that CENTRAL BANKS, via gold leases, have financed CRIME. All the data is on the books of the Enrons of the world, their international partnerships, and the sham transactions on the books of their gold dealer’s derivative counterparties!

    How will all this come to light and end the devastating misuse and attack on the gold markets? Listen carefully and ACT. The various regulators and criminal investigators now looking at the records are failing to do it properly. They must stop looking at each entity separately. Those investigators now reviewing Enron and all other energy trading companies under subpoena must look at the trading of their sham partnerships, sham transactions and net trading gold dealer derivative subsidiaries of major international banking firms and investment banks' transactions AS ONE SINGLE ENTITY. When that is done, the scam will come to light like a flash of lightening on a dark night. They will find, we believe, NO risk at all in the sham transactions of the miscreant corporations when all trades are looked at as if it was one entity, not many. So called “No risk” is the precedent term/criteria the U.S. government used in getting the conviction of the inventors of this type of derivative trading in the early 90s in the Southern district of the U.S. Federal Court System of New York.

    We believe it will be seen, when considering all parties plus the derivative dealer as one singular entity (for investigating purposes), that all this dealing was a daisy chain of so-called risk-less transactions for the singular purpose of funneling huge amounts of money from the miscreant corporations’ treasury to private party miscreants via international partnerships; gold leases misdirected as to purpose to produce real cash via the derivative dealer’s transaction. The real cash came from the proceeds of the sale of gold in the misuse of the gold leasing program of the central banks. The misuse of the Gold Leasing Program to finance the scams will become evident.

    It will become evident that Central Banks have unknowingly been the financiers of crime via the gold derivative dealers. The money that has disappeared via the international partnerships from the miscreant corporations into private hands via the risk-less sham transactions of the sham partnerships finds its source, in our opinion, from the gold leases involved in this whole mess. Not only have the Central Banks financed crime, but they have been robbed of their national assets in the process. It would almost seem appropriate if it were not for the fact that the gold involved is a national asset.

    We believe the investigators will discover that some entities have used the gold leasing facility as a sophisticated “money laundering” exercise in which the pay off is the laundering of the proceeds of gold leases, via gold sales to miscreant private individuals internationally.

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