gold getting battered again, page-2

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    i suppose that also there is no law which states that gold should go up, everytime that i look at the gold price. never the less, sentiment has changed. for years, if gold recovered a few dollars, it always got sold down again. lately, though, it seems to go from strength to strength. gold seems to have eased back to $US361 as i write.

    still time to get into some of the specs. somebody has mentioned DEG. i do not have any, but from past experience, it is this type of company which will go up, strongly, in a bull market. being a recent listing, it still has cash, and only a modest amount of shares on issue. i suppose if i was not sitting on kcn and rsg at very cheap prices, i would be into stocks like DEG. as it is, i will ride the market on KCN, and RSG
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