gold - funny, eh.

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    You know, really is funny.

    I keep very odd hours, and continually monitor what gold is doing via Kitco.

    I see it going up, and up. And I hit 'refresh' every hour or 2, or 10 minutes or whatever - and I always expect to see it reverse a bit. And that's what happens - 2 steps forward and 1 step back.

    But one of these nights I think that won't happen. I think each time I check it the black line will still be rising. And I probably will have trouble accepting that - 'cause I've lost a lot of money on gold over the last 6 years - and I'll think the URL is stuffed, or I've had too much to drink. And so I'll open another can.

    And then I'll go back to 'refresh' - and the black line will even then still be going up.

    I've no idea when it will happen.

    I just believe, no know, that it will.

    JMO and jfwiw eh.

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