** gold finished? **

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    Quite amazing isn't it? We have a mining boom, an energy boom....and gold is lagging badly behind. Certain interests are telling the ordinary investor quite loud and clearly:

    "Don't get involved in gold. If you want to be involved in gold you are banking on the US dollar falling. Very political, that. You are banking on the IMF and world banks not talking about dumping gold on world markets. For starters, Uncle Sam is not going to play your game. Analyse gold rationally at your own risk. But understand normal supply and demand factors don't apply to gold. That is why gold has been controlled in a narrow price range of US$250 to US$500 for more than 20 years. Play gold at your own risk. But remember, you are then playing a high risk political game against those who control the purse strings and the media. Who do you think is going to win?"
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