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    Another day with a month gone in the new quarter and the journey on the Gold Road is still blessed with prosperity.
    Gold price is at new apex's in graphs with only TIME for already assumed Gold road good news to appear to substantialise many supporting shareholders.
    Yes there seems a main trader influencing this share as in some other shares.
    This main shareholder has as witness purchased many Gold roads shares at many prices high/low and would still be in many millions of possession.
    The more buying as witnessed the more interest in taking the share price up to realise profit but also if wanting to buy the interest is buying low.
    The trick of the main seller would be in taking the share price down buying more than which of his shares sold.
    Gold, Gold road and its shares are now on a different forum and the buyers at this lowered share price could buy in rather than allow a drop.
    Many now are looking at gold, Gold road as safe haven and even growth , profit, dividends (gold road has available franking dividends to use), and what a share Gold road will be will excite even the blind investor in retirees, & other bigger traders.
    With expert assumed lower interest rates, growth and possibly lower dividends of many other companies compares to the 100% saleable high gold.
    Yes there were many seasoned shareholders that got in early on Gold road, well done !!!, the old school tie, does that excuse or deny or be silent any negativity in this great Gold road share.
    Whether a new or old Gold road shareholder if wanting the success of this company they should be not divided, impotent by how long you have owned shares.,
    Can there be any downward share price of any company that is a good thing. (other than maybe options, rights, buybacks/outs, merge, acquisition
    I am still on Gold roads Band wagon as "go you good thing".
    Loud and Proud

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Mkt cap ! $1.038B
Open High Low Value Volume
$1.22 $1.23 $1.18 $9.128M 7.679M

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10 252909 $1.18

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$1.18 28881 2
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$1.22 $1.22 $1.18 1398505
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